Don't forget these 3 things on your next out of state hunt!

It seems that no matter how big your suitcase is, you always fill it to the brim  So it's not like we need more reasons to fill the truck. These 3 things could save your butt, and the last one won't take up any cargo space. I always bring a toolkit and tow straps on a hunting trip out of state. You never know when your truck or something else will break down, and being able to fix it yourself can save you a lot of time and hassle.  My legs started to go numb 12 hours into the 20 hour slog to Wyoming. Little did I know I had the front of my seat tilted too far up and it was cutting off circulation like those old weaved fabric lawn chairs.  I had brought it originally because herniated disks in my neck were making life unbearable.  I also bring a massage gun to massage my legs and neck after driving 20 hours to Wyoming. I'll need it even more after hiking up mountains with a pack full of gear and, hopefully, back with meat.  Dan